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My Mother was a lovely woman who could bring cheer to a room in a matter of seconds.

On Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings our kitchen was a "hub" for any neighbor lady who needed a good hair fix. I was fascinated with the results and it's no wonder that those neighbor ladies felt better about themselves because of their magical transformations. My mother had it all over Houdini. I wanted to grow up and be just like my mother. As I worked in the kitchen with my mother lining up perm rods and rinsing color bottles, Sam the Sham was blasting in the background with Wolly Bully. Loved those days. She died when I was 14 and at the funeral home, I will never forget the advice a neighbor gave me, "Take on a part of what you really loved about your mother and become that". I started beauty school at the age of 15 and graduated at 17. After high school graduation I lived in New York and attended the Clairol Institute of Color on Park Avenue. I worked for Clairol for three years and then settled in Pittsburgh and have been developing my craft for 41 years. I am still on fire as I was that first day I started beauty school.What a pleasure it is for me to work side by side with my talented son and generously gifted staff. Now it is an honor for me to give back to the young stylists I work with and trust me I believe I get more than give. Studio RAW is the reinvention of the basement beauticican, however we have never taken away any of the "Magic."


C: 412-367-2444


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